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I still can't believe how much money you got for those 2 rings. And you sold the car so quickly and for more than we thought we could get. I loved the way you advertised the sale - so clever! M. Banki (1960 area)

I don't know how you manage to deal with all those people and keep a smile on your face. We could never do that. And you sold a LOT of beer glasses.

I. Goodin (Oak Ridge North)

Your company was so nice and willing to work with us on a sale way out in the country. Other companies simply refused. M. Chapman (Livingston)

You and your crew sorted through the garage so fast. You found things to sell that I didn't even know were there. And the set-up was beautiful.

V. Murray (1960 area)

The freeway closure almost ruined the sale. But your willingness to go the extra mile and work the extra day saved the sale. Thanks. P. Henderson (Shenandoah)

I was so impressed with the job you ladies did. I would recommend you to anyone. P. Chapman (Montgomery)

I couldn't believe it when I walked through after your first work day. I thought I was in a store. V. Uher (Conroe)

Everything worked out great. The house was cleared in time for closing. Thank you. R. Jacoby (Montgomery)

I walked through after the sale and all I can say is "wow". You sold so much stuff. J. Tipton (Onalaska)

You did so much work and displayed everything so nicely. Feel free to use me as a reference. Z. Eversole (Magnolia)

I was there. I saw how hard you worked. I am amazed with how well you handled everything. J. Fenton (Hempstead)

Everything looked so nice after you had set it all up. You can use me as a reference any time. B. Barrett (Tomball)

I am really happy with what you did. Great job! D. Maxwell (Spring)

I had to leave for Malaysia and just trust you to keep your word. You got the house cleared as promised. I am very happy with the results. T. Bilstein (Atascocita)

You came and just went straight to work. You set up and arranged everything so it would sell well. You priced things fairly. You really know what you are doing. We were stunned at the number of people who turned out for our sale. P. Latham (Spring)

We really appreciate all your good help. I would be happy to recommend you. A. Christian (Huntsville)

Thank you so much for your honesty and care regarding my belongings! I had a deadline move date and had to leave it all to you after I left town. It was an emotional experience for me to leave so much behind but you followed all my wishes with organization and care. Thank you so much for your services. N. Sommers (Houston)

You guys are fantastic! You came and sorted through everything in the house in record time. Then you priced everything even faster. I am recommending you to everyone I know. You are awesome! S. Sommers (Houston)

I just went through the house and I cannot believe how clean and tidy you left it. You have been so helpful. C. Hulsey (Spring)

I have never seen anything so organized. You should find a job where you can really organize things. Wait, you already have! D. Gilmer (Conroe)

You did a great job. We are so happy to get the house cleaned out in time for closing. M. Allen (Spring)

We are so pleased with the results. You did so much work in such a short amount of time. Your skills and knowledge are exceptional. E. Payte (Conroe)

You guys did such a great job. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. I hope we can work together again someday. M. Vaccaro (Conroe)

I was so impressed with all the work you did. You did a wonderful job and I am very pleased with the results. And it was so exciting watching my auctions on eBay. K. Mellor (Montgomery)

You guys were worth every cent we paid you and more! We couldn't believe what a great job you did in the garage. M. Cauthen (Bear Creek)

We are so pleased and happy with your work. We really enjoyed working with you. In this difficult time, you made things so much easier. L. Chorn (Spring)

You guys were just great. I spent a year trying to do what you did in a couple of weeks. I would recommend you to anyone, anytime, anywhere. J. Stewart (Houston)

We will miss having you work next door. I really enjoyed getting to know you and watching you work. You were just amazing. R. Hendrix (Hempstead)